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From the Vatican

Pope: Catechism is Not Enough to Know Jesus, We Need Prayer

Pope 1021162016-10-20 (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis said the catechism on its own is not sufficient to truly know Jesus and we need prayer, worship and to recognize ourselves as sinners. His words came during his morning Mass celebrated on Thursday in the chapel of the Santa Marta residence. Read more here.

Fr. Peter's Post

Peter Kreeft to Speak in Duluth

Fr. Peter Muhich

I am excited that we will have Dr. Peter Kreeft speaking at the Cathedral on Saturday October 22nd and Sunday October 23rd.  Dr. will give talks from 2:00 to 4:00 at Holy Rosary School on Oct 22nd and in the Cathedral Social Hall on Oct 23rd.  These talks are free and open to the public.  Dr. Kreeft will also be the featured speaker at the dinner following the White Mass with Bishop Sirba on Oct 22nd.  To purchase tickets for the dinner please log onto duluthcathmed.org.  There is limited seating for the dinner.  Read more posts here.  

Called To Be One

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Engage in the conversation!
Your input is a key component in the planning process.  Look for opportunities to participate at www.duluthareacatholicschools.org

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Formed is a dynamic on line offering of programs, movies, audio and books that are available FREE to parish members.  Formed includes the Symbolon program and much more.  To get Formed, click here and an access code will be sent to you.  If you have a Symbolon account already, your access number will work to set up your new account at formed.org.  Please call Jack at the Parish Office with any questions about Formed, 218-728-3646. 

Bishop Sirba's UCA Message

Diocese News from The Northern Cross

Father Michael Schmitz: Hope is powerful and calls us to action

How do I live with hope? This world seems so lost at times. Even more personally, my life seems so painful and senseless at times. It all just seems so pointless.

Thank you so much for writing and asking this question. The very fact that you have asked this question is a sign that you have a certain degree of hope, because you have taken action in asking for an answer. And hope is almost always going to be connected to action. Years ago, I read Laura Hillenbrand’s phenomenal book “Unbroken.” the story of the life of Louis Zamporini, who joined the Air Force during World War II and found himself flying in a B-52 bomber in the South Pacific.

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Father Richard Kunst: No, we don’t always have more time

I am a huge Minnesota Twins fan, which means this was a very disappointing summer. When they started off with a 0-9 record, I knew that things were not going to be good, and as it turns out, that was not even their longest losing streak of the season.

Still, I love watching them. Call me hopelessly optimistic. My summer evening routine (when I do not have commitments) includes a good book and the Twins on mute. When there are a couple of runners on base, I will turn the mute off and pay closer attention to the game, or when I am done reading for the evening I finish watching the game with sound. During games this season, there has frequently been a commercial for a lawn mower. Though I cannot remember the brand, the commercial has certainly stuck in my brain for other reasons.

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Peter Kreeft talks in Duluth

There is still time to get in on Professor Peter Kreeft’s talks in Duluth! The diocesan chapter of the Catholic Medical Association will host the Boston College philosophy professor and world-renowned apologist as part of the annual White Mass celebration. Kreeft’s first talks are Saturday, Oct. 22, at the Holy Rosary School gym in Duluth, where he will speak on “How to Evangelize a Hostile Ex-Christian Culture” at 2 p.m. and “How to Talk About Gender Issues” from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Mass itself will take place at 5 p.m. Saturday at the Cathedral, which will be followed by the dinner and a talk on “The Problem of the Denial of Human Dignity.” Kreeft will also speak Sunday, Oct. 23, in the Cathedral social hall on “Why be a Catholic?” from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. All the events, including the dinner, are open to the public, and except for the dinner, all are free. To register for the dinner, visit www.duluthcathmed.org. Cost is $35 per person.

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Pope Francis Prayer Intentions

Sacrament of Reconciliation Guide

This .pdf from the Knights of Columbus lists the steps on how to go to confession and includes an Examination of Conscience that should be undertaken in preparing for reconciliation.  Download .pdf here.


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